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Parties in the Springtime: Chesapeake Farm & Bay to Table

We’re going to crash a proper spring party and learn the ins and out of throwing a fabulous bash. From planning to decorating, and easy-to-serve menu ideas, it will be a one-stop class for all your party needs.

And a special reunion as well. John Shields’ very own Kitchen Goddess from public television’s Coastal Cooking with John Shields, Andrea Farnum, will be flying in from the west coast to host our affair! Chef John, Andrea, and Library CEO Mary will prepare Crispy Rockfish Tacos with Lime-Jicama Slaw and Avocado Cream, and Strawberry Paloma, plus maybe a few more surprises.

Chesapeake Farm & Bay to Table, Season 2, Episode 6


Crispy Rockfish Tacos with Lime-Jicama Slaw and Avocado Cream

Salsa Fresca

Strawberry Paloma