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A Love Story For All

February is a time of love, and not just with a partner or love interest, but with our dearest friends who sustain us all year long. Yes, we will have plenty of recipes for the February 14 event, but we are going beyond - with a Gal-entine and Pal-entine celebration.

Join Chef John and Library CEO Mary along with guest host, Joyce J. Scott, a Baltimore-born artist, as we whip up some amorous treats. We'll be discussing the intersection of food, love, art, and community. Did you ever want to learn how to make your own profiteroles (a decadent cream puff), complete with Amaretto Chocolate Sauce? Well then, don’t miss this one.

Chesapeake Farm & Bay to Table, Season 2, Episode 3


Frozen Profiteroles au Amaretto-Chocolat

Sexy Arugula & Neopol Smoked Salmon Salad

Maryland Oyster Pudding