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PressBooks Public

Getting Started with PressBooks
  1. Register for a Pressbooks account
    • Reach out to your local library to set up your own Pressbooks account.
    • Creation of an account requires a username, email address and book title.
  2. Add your book information
    • This is where you add and edit information about your book, such as author name, subtitle, publication date, cover, etc.
    • Here you can fill out as many or as few of the metadata fields as you would like.
  3. Add and organize your text
    • In this section you can edit your content and organize it into chapters.
    • This is also where you have the ability to add front and back matter, such as a bibliography, introduction, or preface.
  4. Select your book design theme
    • Pressbooks offers over 50 unique themes to choose from for those who would like to alter the overall appearance of your content.
  5. Export your book!
    • Lastly, you export your own professional-grade ePUB, PDF and MOBI files with Pressbooks’ simple one-button export panel.

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