Partners & Sponsors

Choose Civility Harford County Sponsors

This project was made possible in part by:

Choose Civility Harford County Steering Committee

Representatives of the following organizations are members of the Steering Committee:

Choose Civility Harford County Alliance Partners

The following Alliance Partners in Harford County actively participate and extend Choose Civility’s reach throughout Harford County to build awareness, involvement, and commitment.

Choose Civility Harford County Advocates

The following individuals are advocates of the Choose Civility initiative in Harford County:

  • Anonymous
  • Bill
  • Lisa Cox
  • Maureen DeVido
  • Ellen M Dumer, LCPC
  • Beth Gorman
  • Jenny Jakulin
  • Alice Jaffe
  • Heidi Lipple
  • Jessica Powers
  • Allison Tahrawi
  • Terry W
  • Erin Whipple
  • Linda Dix Zuckerman